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Welcome to Velocity Enterprises LLC.


Overview of our Cost Reduction Services
We work with companies to reduce their utility costs. 
We are paid out of the savings we deliver.  Our service requires no upfront or out of pocket fees.
We simply split any money we get back for you from your utility provider for a limited time.
• Total Utility Management Solution:
o Electricity, gas, fuels, water/sewer, waste hauling
o Unlock federal, state, local, and utility rebates and incentives
o Rate optimization
How do we do it? By reduction of delivery costs.
Example:Hospital in Georgia
Analysis:Analyzed current pricing and available alternatives.  Powerful unused leverage was uncovered resulting in an opportunity to significantly reduce first tier demand charges.
Results for Client:Annual cost reduction of $625,000.
How our 3-step process works:
• Step 1 - Review one recent invoice for each account for possible refunds and opportunities to save - we do not require any more of your time.
• Step 2 - Present cost reduction options to you-we will not contact your utilities until you tell us its ok to do so.
• Step 3 - Implement approved options  
Bottom line:
Best case, we reduce your costs - the worst case is that you continue paying what you are paying now.
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